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Pressure Control Experts: Your Knowledge Base

Lee Specialties offers pressure control equipment classes that delve into the fundamentals of pressure and the equipment we utilize to control it during operations. Our instructors have decades of experience with virtually every PCE manufacturers equipment and the knowledge of how to properly configure, operate, troubleshoot, and understand a well control stack for wireline and coiled tubing applications.

With an ever-growing database of technical information and manuals that facilitate service and maintenance, you and/or your team will get hands-on experience on how to operate the equipment that you would like to specialize in.

At Lee Specialties, we want you to get real-world experience working with pressure control equipment, so we also offer on-site training depending on your needs.

For more information on our training, please download the brochures below:

 Lee Specialties WPCE Training Brochure

Lee Posi Lock Operations And Maintenance Training Brochure

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For more information please contact:

Gerry O'Connor

Pressure Control Training Manager - North

Tel: +1 (780) 897-2768

Email: goconnor@leespecialties.com

James Nelson

Pressure Control Training Manager - South

Tel: +1 (832) 350-6667

Email: jnelson@leespecialties.com