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Lee Posi Lock System Products

The Lee Posi Lock System is a remote well connection device which increases site-safety by removing the operator from the vicinity of high-pressure operations while simultaneously increasing site-efficiencies. The locking mechanism is based on a tried and tested design similar to what is used to connect risers in offshore, sub-sea operations. Available in 10K and 15K configurations, the Lee Posi Lock is prepared to make a positive impact in your day to day operations while being simple to use and easy to maintain.

Reviews From Customers

The Lee Lock is working flawlessly, and field guys are happy.
Richard Vrooman, Operations Support Manager at Boreal E-Line
One aspect of [the Lee Posi Lock system] that really stands out to me is the robustness of the clamp design . . . you could hang the world off this thing.
Mitch Carlson, Chief Executive Officer at Intelligent Wellhead Systems