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15K Lightweight Package Products

The new 15K Lightweight PCE Package is designed to meet your demand of 15K equipment for wireline use but at considerably less weight than standard 15K equipment. In the past, your alternatives were either a non-API rated 12.5K package or significantly heavier standard 15K equipment – requiring larger cranes. 

This new package is designed to an API standard rating of 15,000 psi working pressure with 22,500 psi test pressure. It features a minimum 5.125" bore up to the Lee Specialties head catcher and is built using materials approved for sour service (NACE MR0175). The weight of the entire package comes in at just under 10,000 lbs* (a 49% weight reduction compared to Lee Specialties' standard 5-1/8" 15K package).

The most significant weight savings are found in the all-new 5-1/8" 15K Lightweight Triple BOP (49% weight reduction), and the 5-1/8" 15K Lightweight Lubricator (57% weight reduction) - both of which are manufactured utilizing corrosion resistant alloy (CRA), which is approved for sour application.

*Figure based on complete package from linewiper/packoff to wellhead connection with 55' of lubricator.