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Hydraulic Stuffing Box

A Hydraulic Stuffing Box is used in slickline operations and is located at the top of the pressure control stack. It confines well fluids and gases to a well and its pressure control stack. The Stuffing Box packing wipes the line clean as it travels out of the stack....
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Linewiper Packoff

The Packoff section of the Linewiper Packoff acts as a type of well control by providing a grease assisted, rubber seal around a wireline. This seal helps restrict wellbore fluids and gases beneath it. The Linewiper section of the Linewiper Packoff uses a soft rubber seal to strip wellbore fluids from wireline traveling through it. These...
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A Packoff provides a seal around a static wireline to confine well fluids and gases to a well and pressure control stack. Quinn's Energy Services Packoffs are compatible with most wireline sizes. They are available in a variety of threaded connections or with our proprietary direct connection, which allows for quick connection between a Quinn's...
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